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The basement of the 'Willem II Fabriek' is a dark, wet, dirty place. It's the total opposite of a white cube but it has a interesting atmosphere and that gave me an idea for a project when I saw the place. So I created the plan to work there with a few other Artist for 2 months and have a exhibition afterwords. Showed the plan to the people of CBK (Centre for Modern Art) 's-Hertogenbosch and they gave me a go. I Found 4 people (Yorick Poortvliet, Maarten Bel, Timo van Grinsven and Femke Dekkers) to join me and we started. Two months working together, interfering in each others work, a lot of discussing and trying to work with this difficult space.

I got a good connection with Yorick Poortvliet and we worked out a installation together. We made a fictional space where young people are planning something, what that something is is not entirely clear. But there is something bad going on. Inspired by images on television (Egypt, London, etc.), games, movies (Bader Meinhof, Elephant, etc.) the kids are spending their time in the basement, building things, playing around, preparing stuff and what else.

Security camera pointed at the stairway for the basement with the flashing neon 'Ziek' at the background

At the opening of the exhibition we had someone sitting behind the desks, keeping track of the people coming in. They all got a number written down with the typewriter and on the arm of the visitors.

A performance including before-and-after portraiture made during the finnisage of the exhibition.
More information: veravandervelden.nl
Concept and Performance: Vera van der Velden Photo: Heidrun Klos.

Kelderwerk 1 'I didn't think I experimented' basement CBK 's-Hertogenbosch July-Aug 2011: Small impression of the projects process on Wordpress. CLICK HERE!

Kelderwerk 1 'I didn't think I experimented' CBK 's-Hertogenbosch text by F. Dijkstra