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Interdisciplinary project Shaken Fall 2010 organised by Dollypop (NL). 25 Professionals (musicians, photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, fine artists and other professionals with a creative background) working together during one intensive week. Inspiring each other in a Villa in the middle of nowhere (Macon, Belgium). The overall theme of edition fall 2010 was 'Tijd van Nu' / 'Time of Now'. Spending my time in the middle of nowhere made me realise how fast my life was going, how stressed I was getting from the world around me. I wanted to go back to my childhood, when everything was much simpler and less stressed. So I went searching to find the child back in me. Starting with climbing mountains, trowing rocks in a cliff, walking in the woods, playing tag, and more finalised in a few works and a reborn feeling. A few months after the project we presented the end results at a exhibition in Gallery Sophie with a limited edition publication in newspaper form.


'Where are the children?' 2010 Photoserie on Flickr

At the beginning of my search for the inner child I made these photo's. Wherever we came walking around with a few other participants looking for inspiration we never saw a single child on our path. I thought the photos were a nice metaphor since we were only just begun and the inner child still had to be found.

'Schommelen' / 'Swing' 2010 Video registration, swinging the selfmade swing in the forest.

'PLAY TIME' 2010 Video registration

Christian Boer and I helped and inspired each other a lot during the project week. His individual process was about expectation with time. What if an expectation never gets fulfilled, like a traffic light that's never turning back to green after going red. Our projects were merged together at the end to one final product, a game called PLAY TIME

"Winter time, the alarm clock switches one hour back, as if the past hour never took place.

PLAY TIME is similar to dodge ball with a number of changes; when thrown out you have to wait oninute before you can play again and run back to your field through a certain route. There are three runners added to the game, they are standing on the side of the field from the beginning of the game. They are waiting until they can join the game, but despite what you would expect out the name that time will never come.

A large projection of a clock keeps count of the game time for five minutes, but after five minutes the clock jumps back again and it's like the first period never existed. At the end the game players played for 10 instead of 5 minutes. For a moment they lost track of time...

'PLAY TIME' 2010 Spelregels (Game rules in Dutch) 1011shakenspelregels.jpg